Friday, 23 April 2010

Barry M LipPaints

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that my Barry M Lipstick Collection only consists of 3. Yes, its still 3. I just thought I would show you the colour pay off so you get the general idea of them

Products I will be using in for this post :
L-R : Barry M Lippaint no.101 Marshmallow, no.136 and Touch of Magic (Green turns to pink). Barry M Glossy Tube no.4 and Natural Collection clear Lipgloss (it's not really clear anymore because I've been putting it over lipstick! go and get it- for £1.99 it's worth it!)

So first off, no.101 (Marshmallow). It's a baby pink Colour hence the name - Marshmallow. It is a really pale colour and can sometimes make me look washed out (I'm an NW15) when I put too much on, but it's a lovely nude colour when you can control yourself to 2coats - only!

L-R, No.101 without and with flash

Next up is no. 136, it does have a name (i think) but these are not stated on the actual sticker on the lipstick. It is a browny-gold but it comes out as a lovely nude.

L-R, no.136 without gloss, with gloss (Barry M Glossy Tube no.4, nude colour)
You can see how much glossier it is with lipgloss, but thats kind of obvious ;)

This is a bit off topic but since a mentioned the Barry M Glossy Tube I thought I'd show you how nice it is on it's own as well. It is very glossy, smells of bubblegum and it a lovely nude colour(no.4 is the one i have)

Isn't it just lovely?

Now... the final product - Barry M Touch Of Magic Lippaint! It is green but it changes to pink. I'm going to quote the Barry M website: "Depending on the alkali level of your lips, determines just how pale or rich the colour will go. " Well ... it goes a mental, hot pink shade on my lips - I don't think i ever wore this lipstick out of the house, but it's worth a try! It is waterproof, and lasts ages on the lips. First time I put it on I found myself scrubbing it off. Guess what? It didnt help. It just irritated my lips. I've gotten used to the lipstick now, so I don't think that I would ever try to scrub it off - BIG MISTAKE.

L-R: Barry M Touch Of Magic Lipstick on it's own, Touch of Magic with Natural Collection Clear Lipgloss on Top.

I have to say that in reality, this lipstick is way darker that in the photos. When on its own it gives a stained lip effect.

Since I mentioned Natural Collection Lipgloss in Clear, i have to say that it's been one of my best cheapo products I've bought, ever. It's especially good for putting over lipstick - i mean who would spend £20 on a clear designer lipgloss only to get it to turn a weird shade of pink after they've put it over lipstick? I wouldn't. This was only £1.99, and they have a 3 for £5 all year round I think. I will be purchasing more of these in the near future <3 I hope all of you had a lovely day Agata xxx


Marie said...

I love that shade of pink -- Touch of Magic! With or without the gloss!:D So pretty... I want Barry M in California!!!

Happy Friday!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Eden Bue said...

I love touch of magic! I think I have the 137, not the 136 but its very similar and I love it :)

Rae // theNotice said...

Whoa! Hell-o there, green tube of lipstick. I am very much intrigued by the concept, and the colour looks lovely on you :)