Monday, 3 May 2010

Review: Chanel e/s Quads

I own two Chanel eyeshadow Quads. They were pricey but my love for Chanel has once more overcome me. The two palettes I have are called - Murano and Blue Célestes.

What I find when using these is that they crease after about 5 hours. Not good considering their price. I think that the colour pay-off is not as great as MAC for example, but I find that this happens with most designer eyeshadows - Dior, Chanel and YSL because they are selling their name and not quality.

Chanel e/s quad in Bleu Célestes. I do love this, I love the colours. It's a mixture of navy and silver. However, the colour payoff is not that great. Below are swatches using only 2 swipes of the e/s - it's builadble like any other e/s

L-R: I was working my way anti-clockwise starting from the darkest e/s
As you can see pigmentation is not great.

Now, my other Chanel e/s Quad in Murano. It is a mix of colours : black with emerald shimmer, medium pink, grey and silver.

After swiping on my fingers. Don't shoot me for not doing the same for Bleu Celestes, but I forgot!

Top -> Bottom : I worked my way anti-clockwise starting from the darkest colour.

N.B : I didn't use primer prior to swatching the eyeshadow.

I think that Murano offers better colour pay-off. They're not perfect but I do love them after all. You can create subltle looks with them. I'm yet to test them wet - perhaps that would help :D I'm not really fussed with reapplying eyeshadow every 5 hours, unless I'm going to a party, then I would wear something with staying on power.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Would I re-purchase? It would depend on the colour scheme