Sunday, 23 January 2011

MAC Blushers

A while ago I went to Edinburgh along with a friend for some shopping. In fact, I was quite disappointed because most of the shops were about the same size as we have back in Aberdeen. Of course the highlight of my trip was going into Harvey Nichols and having a look at the MAC counter. I was also really tempted by Smashbox at Debenhams, but I didn't see anything that caught my eye so I didn't buy anything( I was also discouraged by the prices - they seemed slightly ridiculous to me!).

I only bought 3 things at MAC, 2 were blushes and the other one was a foundation (Face&Body, as I heard many good things about it, I'm just scared that it might break me out horribly). I was actually planning to buy the "Breath of Plum" blush but after the MUA put it on me it seemed FAR TOO DARK on my pale skin (it might've been the lighting). I also wanted a red l/s but I looked unbelievably stupid so no red lippy for me! So in the end I ended up with these two beauties.


MAC says: A wash of warm peachy hue

In my opinion this is more pink than peachy, it looks light peachy pink colour in the pan and gives me a lovely flush on my cheeks however, it looks as if im actually blushing and I don't know why but I never liked blushing. I do like it because it actually suits my skintone and I'm happy that it was suggested by the MUA.


MAC says: Soft coral-peach.

I wouldn't say this is so much of a coral, because I don't see the pink undertone. It belongs in the light category and is obviously peachy. I love this because it looks so natural on my NW15 complexion and there's no shimmer and that's exactly what I was looking for. On the website, they make out as if its a really dark colour (second row down) whereas in real life its relatively light to what I expected it to be. I think this would be perfect for people upto warm olive skintone. I think that the Cremeblush alternative for this would be Lilicent - It's sooo lovely but they didn't have any in stock and I was sooo gutted!

Next time I'll be looking into Cremeblushes ♥ Any recommendations?


YB* said...

Love the 'Pinch o' peach'!

'Posey' MAC Cremeblush is really good, you gotta check it out!

MaviDeniz said...

i've heard so much about melba. i think it looks gorgeous!