Sunday, 27 May 2012

May Wish List

1- New Look - So versatile but I'm not sure about the skater cut as i have very wide hips so i normally steer clear of them!
2. - Topshop - Love lace, love the colour, perfect for the summer weather!
3. -Topshop- The colour and the ombré effect work so well together, but so overpriced (I'm secretly hoping Primark comes out with something similar)
4. - Topshop - I find wedges so much more comfortable to walk in than heels, hence the choice, these would be perfect on holiday and are so versatile!
5. Mango - the mirror floral print reminds me of the Givenchy collection, such a sucker for florals
6. Topshop - same thing about the florals, but i love the little straps and the "caging" at the back
Genuinely can't contain my excitement for when summer finally comes.  We've had a sunny spell for the past week and i'm very happy as we're not too blessed with the weather where I live... (constant rain, wind and cold, you get the idea) Such a shame I have been working 24/7! Hopefully will be heading something hot in July/August but I haven't got any definite plans as of now, just super excited to sit by the pool for a whole week and not having to do ANYTHING!

Anyone got any nice plans for summer?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Favourite Nail Combo - Inglot and Miss Sporty

Genuinely been dying to share this with you! I think deep down i was always a fan of that little "bling" on the nails (though too ashamed to admit it) but I've seen so many people wearing glitter nail polish I think it's a bit acceptable now. I especially love this combination because of the nude-like polish underneath, it definitely makes the glitter stand out. 

The nude polish is from Inglot, and if they have a counter near you I command you to buy some Inglot polishes. So amazing. I think they're around £8 here, so not TOO bad for a nail polish but i normally tend to stay around the £5 mark. Let me tell you something, i have NEVER come across a nail polish that doesn't chip for 5+ days, but this stuff is really great. Another advantage is you get 15ml of product, a nice big bottle that will last you for a lifetime. 

Anyway the other polish is the glitter one by Miss Sporty, which was super cheap (£1.99) and i'm so surprised by the quality. There's bigger bits of purple and blue glitter, and finer bits of silver glitter - so sparkly! The coloured glitter isn't very flashy so it's not too "out there" and tacky. One coat of the polish is enough  (I'm wearing two in the picture) so if you think about it, you're getting a lot of product for £1.99!

Inglot Nail Varnish in 842 
Miss Sporty Transformers Sparkle Touch Top Coat