Friday, 9 April 2010

MAC Purchases :)

Here's what I bought in Edinburgh the other day:

* MAC blush in Style
* MAC lipstick in Myth

The blush itself is darker than in the photo, it is a coraly pinky colour with some gold shimmer. I have to say that it is really shimmery (but quite subtle) and I love it! It really complimets my NW15 skin (: I was planning on buying the Sun&Moon Mineralize Blusher, just to find that they didn't have any in stock, so I picked this up instead - I guess I'll just have to order my Sun&Moon online. Here's some rather rubbish swatches (lighting in my room ... actually in the house itself is terrible) :

I swiped it on my finger and then ...

...Applied it onto my hand.

My other Mac purchase is the Myth lipstick, and I do love it. It is darker that my skin, so doesn't make me look like some zombie, but at same time makes my lips lighter (they are pretty red naturally).

Mac's Myth Lipstick (Satin Finish) on it's own

Myth Lipstick with Gloss (clear gloss by Natural Collection, sold at Boots)

Thats unfortunately all my newest MAC for now on, I'm not happy but... I will survive :D