Wednesday, 20 July 2011

What's In My Bag

I know I haven't blogged ... since March. As pathetic an excuse as it may be I was busy with my exams, then I went on holiday and here I am! At first I was really confident about my exams but now I'm really unsure and genuinely dreading getting my results on the 4th of August. 

Decided to do one of these what's in my bag posts because I always see them, and I actually find it quite interesting to see what people carry in their bags! I wouldn't say that i carry an insane amount of stuff around with me, because frankly my shoulders get really sore after about 2 minutes. For me it's only the necessities really!

Tapestry Satchel - River Island
I have fallen in love with this bag at first sight- the fabric is fab, it's roomy and the long strap just makes it perfect!

Make-up Bag- Primark
I'm quite a sucker for anything floral... so i had to have this. It's very Cath Kindson-esque and was around £1.50- BARGAIN. It's easy-peasy to clean it so it suits its' role as a make-up bag perfectly! I don't carry the same make-up with me everyday, it's quite logical that I'd only be taking the things that I'm wearing at the time...
Inglot Lipgloss in 34 
♥Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Coral Queen 
♥L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara 
♥L'Oreal Superliner 
♥Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
♥MAC Studio Fix Concealer 
♥Couple of Kirby Grips and hair bobble
♥Nina by Nina Ricci perfume - need to stock up on this!

Phone - Blackberry Bold
I have upgraded to this from an iPhone despite being told not to by an amount of people. To be honest I prefer it to the iPhone. It's more compact and it's 500x easier to type. 

Sennheiser Earphones
Always carry these with me and I don't imagine using any other type of earphones. The quality of sound is by far better than with any other earphones I used (and trust I've used plenty!).

Paul's Boutique Purse 
I have sworn to never get anything by Paul's Boutique - I find most of the things extremely tacky and overpriced. Since my last purse broke, I knew a replacement had to be found ASAP... I spotted this and felt inclined to buy it because of the floral design-told ya I was a sucker for florals!Set me back by about £30 but I think it was worth it! 

You probably wouldn't guess but I have quite poor eyesight and need to wear glasses, boo! These are my fancy D&G ones. Absolutely love them!

Definitely not as fancy as my glasses, but these were another Primark bargain- got them for a mere £1! They are quite flattering and I've seen very similar ones at other shops! They have them in a couple of different colours and patterns (eg. pink, black, mint, red floral etc.) 

What do you carry in your bag?

P.S If you haven't yet noticed I changed my lay-out about a bit because I thought it got a bit messy. xx