Monday, 16 August 2010

Loving & Hating

Im so ever utterly sorry, I have neglected you all :( I have been out on another holiday and since I got back I was mostly busy so I didn't have much time. 

This post is going to be dedicated to Loves&Hates whether it's life related or beauty/fashion-wise. I think i will actually make this a regular cycle on my blog.. 


Lace Tights,

they add a sophisticated and fashionable touch to any, even the most simple outfit. I wore mine (exactly the same as in the photo) to a gig with a black bodycon skirt, white vest and a light denim shirt. One thing, you need to be careful and pick not a very exposing outfit otherwise you might end up a bit tarty instead of sophisticated... haaa.

Mac e/s in Carbon,
Well what can I say, it is an eyeshadow that every girl should have in her make-up collection. It is so versatile (as the name suggests, its carbon black in a matte finish) and recently, I have been using it in the corners of my eyes and along the lower-lashline instead of eyeliner.


What a little gem this it! - Life saver! I swear that I applied this once, and my chapped lips were put in the past! So, for me this is a total re-purchase item, even though it smells a bit funny I will keep on using it because it's the best lipbalm I ever had :) I'm just waiting for winter to see it's ability to work then ...

I love it so much! I could literally live there.. Me and my friend are planning a little day trip to Edinburgh soon so be prepared for some serious Edinburgh-Haul. CAN'T WAIT :D


I have been so obsessed with it, and I watched the whole Series 1 in two nights. I love the original cast and the newest generation looks kind of crappy if you ask me. Series 4 wasn't too good either and it was a HUGE disappointment. I don't really have a favourite character but I do love Chris - such a shame that he dies :( Anyone who has seen Skins but not Series 1+2 needs to do it! NOW! And I would recommend it anyone in general...


The end of Summer!
It's definitely gone far too fast, you don't notice the days go by... I'm going to be so out of place at school.

School Shopping
Since school-uniform is compulsory at my school, before going back I need to buy lots of new stuff - shirts, jumpers, tights, skirts. It's such a pain and you can never find the things that are half-decent and that you like.

New Look
Have you noticed they put their prices up and now they all have the annoying 99p ending? E.g £19,99 - I mean seriously , I don't need anymore 1p change, thanks .

Rude Men
I just can't stand it when some weirdos wolf-whistle at you and toot their horn at you. Inappropriate and also gets on my nerves so much. Is it only me?

Well i hope you enjoyed this little post and I'll be back with with some reviews and general ramble! :D

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I love Carmex too!:D
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