Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lancome Juicy Tubes

I have given into buying cult product - Juicy Tubes. They're pretty expensive glosses at £14 each so I was quite reluctant to make this purchase, but seeing as you get 15mls of product it isn’t too bad value (considering that you get about 5ml in Lipglasses which are about the same price). Looking it up on Debenhams' website, only 11 shades are available, however I believe that more are sold in store e.g. at Boots. They also release limited edition colours which are always lovely, however might be a bit odd sometimes - like apple green or turquoise! Still look pretty cool though... 

At the moment I own 2 of these - no.19 Lychee (one of the most popular shades) and no. 26 Sans Tabou which is now discontinued, I think... Lychee is a hot pink shade with silver/blue/violet shimmer and smells of strawberry/bubblegum whereas Sans Tabou is a lilac with silver/purple shimmer, it looks pretty scary in the tube but looks lovely on the lips, it smells divine but I can’t really identify what it smells of!

They offer a lacquered effect, with shimmer which is multi-dimensional so isn't flat and boring and are okay moisture-wise but I wouldn’t say that their purpose is being moisturising. I have found that some particles of the glitter stay behind on the lips when the gloss is gone and it looks a bit tacky.

I think that these are just like any other glosses, and possibly even stickier. But what I love about them is the every Juicy Tube has a unique, fruity scent ♥

Would I repurchase? At £14 a pop, they’re not the cheapest glosses around, especially seeing as there’s nothing unique about them except the delightful, mouth watering scent but I think that there are some cheaper glosses that smell of fruit.