Friday, 16 July 2010

Purchases From Germany

Whenever I got to Germany, and I go there a lot there's certain things I re-purchase and things that I like to try out. If you're ever there, check out Essence (Ireland gets it but unluckily the rest of thhe UK doesn't ?!) and Manhattan. They're both really cheap brands but i love some of their products as they're real bargains! Here's the things I got on my recent trip that ARE worth mentioning! :D 

^ I thought this was everything, but me being me it wasn't. Hahaha.

Back-Front :

2 Kamill handcreams- one for sensitive skin (fragrance free) and another one regular both contain camomile which makes them that bit special. I always buy these and I cannot stand any other hand cream (with Soap&Glory's Hand Food being the only exception)

2 Bebe Deodorants (yes, i buy deodorants on holiday) - these just smell so lovely like fruit and theyre also 150ml which means that they last longer than the ordinary 'Impulses' that I get in the UK. Lovelovelove them ♥ .

Manhattan Intense Moisture and Gloss lipstick in 53K (very much like Estee Lauder's Gloss Sticks) - they are moisturing, glossy lovely colour and a great smell!

2 Essence Nail Varnishes in no.27 No More Drama (lilac) and no.22 What Do You Think? (coral)

Essence L.E Shimmer Powder in no.1 The Famous Flamingo - lovely highlighter

Essence Sun Club Bronzing Powder in no.1 De-Light-Fully Delicious - not too much shimmer - nice sheen!

Essence Eyeliner Pen in Black - long lasting, easy to use - what else do you need?

2 Bebe Lipbalms - I cannot praise these enough. They smell of roses (actually.) moisture lips so good, last for ages and they're cheap. Lovelovelove ♥ - i always buy these. Kind of remind me of the Nivea ones but I like these much better (probably just childhood sentiment)

This was obviously NOT all that I got . In the next photo I included all makeup related products (including nail varnish) but I forgot the bronzing powder (however i did swatch it later!)


Essence Nail Varnish Glitter Topper in no.04 Carrie (when tackiness takes over...)its basically just little bits of glitter in different shades of pink. I think it's quite cute but really I'm at the age when I shouldn't be into things like this. Haha.

Essence L.E Shimmer Powder (described above)

Essence L.E Glitter Eye-Pencil no.02 Undead? (from the Twilight collection, hehe)- i was looking for a glitter eyeliner and this was cheap so i just bought it.

Manhattan Intense Moisture and Gloss lipstick (described above)

Essence Volume&Gloss Lipgloss in no.04 Bubblegum, it's hot-pink gives you that tingling sensation and actually smells of bubblegum!

Manhattan Wake Up Concealer in no.01- it's like Touche Eclat in different packaging and for like 1/20 the price.

Essence Nail Varnishes (described above)

Essence Eyeliner Pen (described above)


L-R: Manhattan Wake-Up Concealer, Essence Shimmer Powder, Essence Volume&Gloss Lipgloss (no.04), Essence Glitter Eye Pencil, Essence Bronzing Powder (no.01), Manhattan Intense Moisture and Gloss Lipstick (53K)

And the nails varnishes. I'm sorry for the horrible nails, they're so short and in awful condition after i decided that I would be sporting fake-nails for ... 4 weeks :|


Essence Glitter Topper no.04
•Essence Nail Varnish in no.23 'What Do You Think?'
•Essence Nail Varnish in no.27 'No More Drama'

I have to say that these stay on for so long, mine stayed on for a full week when i decided to take it off but i barely had any chips! I have also received so many compliments on 'No More Drama' and I think it's UK equivalent would be Barry M Nail Paint in no.np308 'Berry Ice Cream'. It's such a lovely summery pastel colour!

Hope all of you are having a great time! :D

Saturday, 10 July 2010

MAC Purchases :)

Hiya! I'm back, refreshed and ready to live my life to the full! My holiday was lovely, even though I was only away for a week i kind of managed to do the things that I wanted to, some with a good and some with a less great outcome but hello, everyone makes their mistakes! I came back a while ago but I wasn't completely ready to start regular blogging but I feel like I can do it now so yeah, I'M HERE! :D

Sorry, got a bit sidetracked there.. since I was at Heathrow, and i was at Terminal 5, I really couldn't resist some duty-free shopping at Mac, especially seeing as there's no Mac in Aberdeen. Seriously, i have to write a petition or something because it's really getting on my nerves! I managed to keep control of what I was getting so it's not a lot, but some things that I KNOW i will use over and over again :D

L-R Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul, Lipstick in Creme Cup (Cremesheen), Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW20

Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul - it bought it to use more like a bronzer/contour. It is not as shimmery as the other Mineralize blushes they had, so i thought i would go for this one. It just had a slight illuminating sheen. It really is lovely to use as a bronzer and that's exactly what i use it as!

L/S in Creme Cup- I was going to buy the Gaga lipstick and I was gutted because they were sold out (on my way back; they were there when i was flying out *sad face*). Cremesheens are my favourites and I thought I would get a brighter lipstick for summertime as I normally stick my nudes!

Studio Sculpt Foundation (NW20)- I never tried a Mac foundation before as I heard that they break people out. Well surprise surprise, MY SKIN IS STILL SPOTLESS. I'm so pleased with this, it has a lovely gel-like constistency and different to any foundation that I tried before. However I wouldn't recommend using it on hot days, because it might just melt off. *think i'll so a detailed review on this*

L-R, Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul, Cremecup L/S.

Cremecup on the lips! :D

Hope everyone is having a great summer! On the side note the weather has been so good recently, until it started raining today. I wasnt too pleased with that!