Saturday, 10 July 2010

MAC Purchases :)

Hiya! I'm back, refreshed and ready to live my life to the full! My holiday was lovely, even though I was only away for a week i kind of managed to do the things that I wanted to, some with a good and some with a less great outcome but hello, everyone makes their mistakes! I came back a while ago but I wasn't completely ready to start regular blogging but I feel like I can do it now so yeah, I'M HERE! :D

Sorry, got a bit sidetracked there.. since I was at Heathrow, and i was at Terminal 5, I really couldn't resist some duty-free shopping at Mac, especially seeing as there's no Mac in Aberdeen. Seriously, i have to write a petition or something because it's really getting on my nerves! I managed to keep control of what I was getting so it's not a lot, but some things that I KNOW i will use over and over again :D

L-R Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul, Lipstick in Creme Cup (Cremesheen), Studio Sculpt Foundation in NW20

Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul - it bought it to use more like a bronzer/contour. It is not as shimmery as the other Mineralize blushes they had, so i thought i would go for this one. It just had a slight illuminating sheen. It really is lovely to use as a bronzer and that's exactly what i use it as!

L/S in Creme Cup- I was going to buy the Gaga lipstick and I was gutted because they were sold out (on my way back; they were there when i was flying out *sad face*). Cremesheens are my favourites and I thought I would get a brighter lipstick for summertime as I normally stick my nudes!

Studio Sculpt Foundation (NW20)- I never tried a Mac foundation before as I heard that they break people out. Well surprise surprise, MY SKIN IS STILL SPOTLESS. I'm so pleased with this, it has a lovely gel-like constistency and different to any foundation that I tried before. However I wouldn't recommend using it on hot days, because it might just melt off. *think i'll so a detailed review on this*

L-R, Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul, Cremecup L/S.

Cremecup on the lips! :D

Hope everyone is having a great summer! On the side note the weather has been so good recently, until it started raining today. I wasnt too pleased with that!