Friday, 2 August 2013

The LWD (Little White Dress)

I am obsessed with white. It's just such a happy and pure colour (albeit sometimes a bit clinical if overdone). It's the most perfect colour for summer besides all the other cheery pastels, stripes, florals and what not, and if fact, probably my favourite to wear with a tan. After summer, white normally slips away into the deep abyss of my forgetfulness, bearing in mind 1)my ghostly pale skin and 2) the horrible weather up here (note to self: Scottish rain and white DO NOT mix well).  

I've been looking around for a white dress to wear casually to work but one that I could also wear out if I wanted to. I really don't feel like my body would physically fit into a tighter, more fitted dress (holidays are cruel), and genuinely prefer a more boxy, t-shirt style fit. I mean you can always cinch it in with a pretty belt later, right? Basically, a boxy fit is: 1)more flattering 2)more comfortable 3)more versatile. 
♡ 1 2 3 
// ♡1♡ Nothing says summer more than a bit (or a lot) of broderie anglaise. So girly and light! // ♡2♡Perfect swing dress for the day and night! The crochet panels are a nice touch // ♡3♡ Probably my favourite here. Cheap and cheerful, great trapeze cut and nice loose sleeves 

1 2 3 
//♡1♡ cute, short = perfect for summer//♡2♡ i love the black detail on the shoulders, a bit of sparkle is always a bonus //♡3♡ i love the the cap lace sleeves and the swing cut

I'm actually in a really dire need of a new dress or 2 or 3 or 4, and think I might cave in and buy 1+3 from the first picture (both very pretty Missguided numbers). My only problem is I hate ordering online, and the whole bother of waiting for it, returning things if they don't fit and so on *sighs* ; I might just take the plunge and do it this time or I might regret not buying these two! I have so much on this coming week and a spot of shopping should do the trick of easing me into it .... any excuse is good enough for new clothes! Toodles