Monday, 11 June 2012

Barry M Nail Paint Blue Moon

Barry M Nail Paint in Blue Moon (317) - £2.99 / Boots
Probably my favourite nail varnish at the moment! This is such a beautiful colour, I'm absolutely loving all those pastel blue hues! When i saw this I was instantly in love, but let me tell you something... THIS IS A PAIN TO APPLY. It's very sheer so you need at least 4 coats, it's time consuming and frustrating when you accidentally touch a nail and have to repaint all over again gaaah. There are some weird pearly purple particles in this but are completely unnoticeable on the nails, and they give a nice sheen. In my experience it lasts a good week on false nails and 4 on real nails, definitely living up the good Barry M standards, as all their nail varnishes are absolutely fabulous! They're only £2.99 which is a huge bonus, can't go wrong with that price tag!

On the side note, is anyone watching the Euros? I never thought I would enjoy football this much, but i guess it's in my blood! The atmosphere in the house always gets a little tense as we all support different teams but I LOVE IT. Really rooting for Germany to win so can't wait until their next game on Thursday! Should probably refrain from entering the 'extreme fangirl' mode so I don't get too disappointed (the teams i want to win ALWAYS lose). Is anyone else enjoying the Euros as much as me, or are you all fed up of this football malarkey? (most likely the latter haha)