Sunday, 27 May 2012

May Wish List

1- New Look - So versatile but I'm not sure about the skater cut as i have very wide hips so i normally steer clear of them!
2. - Topshop - Love lace, love the colour, perfect for the summer weather!
3. -Topshop- The colour and the ombré effect work so well together, but so overpriced (I'm secretly hoping Primark comes out with something similar)
4. - Topshop - I find wedges so much more comfortable to walk in than heels, hence the choice, these would be perfect on holiday and are so versatile!
5. Mango - the mirror floral print reminds me of the Givenchy collection, such a sucker for florals
6. Topshop - same thing about the florals, but i love the little straps and the "caging" at the back
Genuinely can't contain my excitement for when summer finally comes.  We've had a sunny spell for the past week and i'm very happy as we're not too blessed with the weather where I live... (constant rain, wind and cold, you get the idea) Such a shame I have been working 24/7! Hopefully will be heading something hot in July/August but I haven't got any definite plans as of now, just super excited to sit by the pool for a whole week and not having to do ANYTHING!

Anyone got any nice plans for summer?


Anonymous said...

Cute wishlist, loving those wedges.
I can't wait for the summer holidays so I can wear my florals again.

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Amazing wish list - I would definitely love everything on it! Fab blog hun - just found you :) xx