Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Barry M. - Nail Paints (Part 2)

As I promised there's another Barry M. Nail Paints post! Here it is. I was majorly convinced that I have so many of those - I only have 7! I have plenty of nail narnish so I might do another post on my favourite colours perhaps? I will have a think about it!

L - R

• 305- Pink Flamingo, this is like a hot pink colour but it's got a hint of coral so it's not JUST plain pink. I absolutely love it, my bottle's half empty - way to show the love! You only need 2 coats to get absolutely opaque!

• 308- Berry Ice Cream, this is lovely soft PURE lilac! No grey undertones or anything. 2 coats is just enough :)

• 303- Bright Purple, I wouldn't call this "Bright Purple" its more like a mulberry colour to me. It looks really purple in the bottle but once you put it on it's like a different colour - i usually apply 3 coats of this

I do looove Barry M nail varnishes, they dry quite quick and aren't streaky. The quality is brill and it isn't reflected in the price as it's only around £3 a bootle!

On the side note, I plan to get a new camera - I can't quite decide what I want. I want a DSLR but there's so many to choose from. I haven't got a lot of money to spend so I was thinking of getting the Nikon D60. It's a bit aged but it'd be JUST RIGHT for a beginner like me! Also I plan on writing a post about "Confidence" but I'm not sure if I'll go ahead with it.

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Cylia said...

ohh such pretty colours. Can't believe they're so cheap. I always find that after a while the colour fades.. if it was a cheap nailpolish.